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Licence error ‘error : No license and Event Count Check’


I',m very new for YF. I met some problems during the integration.

if login with YF, it says "System Error: The software license has been breached. "

if i entered the below url, it says an error No license and Event Count Check.

Licence Valid: No
Reason: Event count check
Licenced To: Yellowfin
Feature Licence Current
Server Name: sdp-WIV48115-0001 localhost.localdomain
Licenced Type: DEMO DEMO
Licence Issue Date: 2011-12-13 2011-12-16
Expiration Date: 2012-06-10 177 Days Left
Data Sources: 1 1
Consumers: 1 (1) 0
Writers: 1 1
Dashboard: 1 1
Multicast: 0 4 (Disabled)
Clients: 0 0
Concurrent User Mode: null
Restricted Functions: MULTICAST

How do i solve this to proceed. Let me know in detail.

Thanks.. !



This error is displayed when you have reached the max table size for the 'events table', this table logs all Yellowfin events (e.g. login, startup etc...).
The table size limitation is only present in the evaluation/demo version.

The only resolution is to re-install Yellowfin using a full-release.

If you are after a full version, please contact including your company information so you can be contacted and a full version can be organised.

If you have any other questions on this please let me know.