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LDAP Groups for Yellowfin security


I have installed YF 5.0 and configured to work with LDAP. I have logging in working as expected i.e. using LDAP username user can log in and is assigned default YF role.

What I am now trying to get working is the LDAP group to YF group mapping as per page 47 of the YF4.1 Integration guide....

In YF5.0 the Group Management screen is a bit different

Forum image

But when opening the "Add LDAP Group" dropdown there are no groups listed. So where is YF looking for these groups ? Is it looking for any groups from the Base DN I specified for users ? Or is this configured elsewhere ?

thanks for the help
Hi Robin,

They should be available in the drop down if they are visible from the Base DN.

What LDAP system are you connecting too?

Hi Peter,

We are connecting to an Active Directory server. I just tested changing the base DN to further up the tree without success.

Just to confirm the base DN I am changing is the field "LDAP Base DN" on the Administration->Configuration->Authentication page.
Clicking "test connection" yields "Connection Succeeded" and I have tested logins using the AD credentials successfully.

Will YF traverse the whole tree below the base DN looking for security groups or does it stick to the first level below the base?

As an example here is the detail for one of the groups I would expect to find

And the base DN I am using is


I found out that Yellowfin do not search security Groups but Distributions groups instead. Hope this help.