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Layout Button Overlays Other Content

My Layout button overlays other screen content. You may want to move this to a better location. I'm still able to use it though.

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IE 11.0
YF 7.1, Build 20150624

Hi Jason,

This is an odd problem. My layout appears as expected on the new build:

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Have you tested this in other browsers? Has Yellowfin been re branded at all? Is this something that has only occurred since upgrading to 20150624?

I look forward to hearing more.



Best regards,

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I tried this in Firefox 39.0 and I get the exact same result.

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As far as I can tell YF hasn't been rebranded. It did come as part of another software package though. I'm using YF directly; though, outside of the product since I get more screen real estate.

Considering your screen is ok and it's not a critical item, I'm just going to ignore this then.

Thank you,