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Labels Not appearing in all charts


We are able to enable Labels in Simple Bar Charts and Pie Charts as shown in the below images

Forum image

Forum image

But we are not able to get any labels in any other kind of charts, may it be Radar, Line, Bubble etc.,

If we are making use of a Cross Tab Bar chart, even after enabling the Label option we are not able to see the label on the charts as shown in the images below

Forum image

Forum image

Kindly let us know if we are missing any settings for the same and let us know if it is possible to get labels on the different kinds of charts.

Regards and Thanks in advance,
Prateek Arora
Hello Prateek,

Thank you for posting this on the Forum.

These are the outstanding enhancement requests for adding the label functionality to different charts.

#100194 - Add labels to combination charts.
#103440 - Add labels to bubble / scatter charts.
#112739 - Adde labels to line charts.

I will add your request to each of these.

As for Radar charts, you should have the label option. See my screenshot below.

Forum image

In regards to the Cross tab bar chart. The reason the labels are not showing is because they won't fit properly within
the bars. There is also a enhancement request for this.

#102113 - Labels not displaying on chart if not enough room.

If you reduce the font size the labels should show up, but they may not look ideal.

Forum image

Sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing. I will also add your notes to the above enhancement request. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.

Thank you,