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Join on view calculated field

I've created a calculated field at the view level that takes the person's email address and spits out just the domain. For example would be just I want to use this new domain column to join on an imported csv file. The imported csv file also has a domain column. When I make the join I don't seem to return any results.

If I export the list of domain's from yellowfin into excel I can do a vlookup against the csv file and I come up with several matches.

Is there something I'm doing wrong that's causing the join to not work?
Hi Derek,

I just tried this and the joining on the email domain worked fine for me. I'm wondering if I took different steps from you.
I created a Freehand SQL Calculated Field in the view with the formula:

RIGHT(EmailAddress, LEN(EmailAddress) - CHARINDEX('@', EmailAddress))

(the DB is SQL Server)

Then created a CSV file with some email domains that matched those in the view.
I imported the CSV into Yellowfin via the View method.

Then I created a report based on the 1st view (i.e. the one with the Freehand SQL Calculated Field) and then did an Advanced Append Query to join with the imported CSV view, and the joins were correct.

Could you please confirm these steps or describe if yours were different, and maybe give a screenshot or two if you think it would help.