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Is there something causing this YF web interface

Hi there.

I am trying to provide some support for a new client. The client's Yellowfin development instance was installed by a third party on Microsoft SQL Server.

Could you please tell me if there is something causing the Yellowfin web interface to look like the attached? I have provided 2 screenshots in the attached Word document. The first is my own demo instance; the second is the client's development instance.

Before I advise them of anything that can be done, are you able to tell me what might be wrong?

If you need any more information please would you let me know and I'll take it back to the client.


Hi Paul,

This looks quite odd. Is this how their instance has always displayed?
Have they attempted to restart their YF service to see if resolves the issue?

I have seen this similar layout on occasion when on the YF website and it
is usually because of a browser caching issue.

Which browser are they using?

Please let us know and we can take a closer look at this for you.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle.

Thank you. It seems to be happening on IE and Chrome on Windows. Safari on my Mac is fine. So it looks like a browser caching issue.

Thanks very much.

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