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IP Restricted Access to Webservices


We are using Yellowfin 7.1 Web services for integration with third party application and for security consideration the access to the Webservices should be allowed only from specific IPs. I wonder if Yellowifin webservices can be configured to accept connection only from specific IPs or domain? Is it also possible to configure the port which web services will be listening so the connection to web services would go only through the specific port other then 443?

Thank you very much.

Glad to see you are working on integrating Yellowfin.

Regarding Restricting Yellowfin based on IP address - I'd recommend that you do this via a firewall on the Yellowfin server or via a network firewall. These are likely controlled by your System admin. I'd recommend you chat with them and ask for their recommendation.

Regarding the Port number - The port number is configured at the time of installation and is controlled by the "server.xml" file located under appserverconf.
You can change your port number after installation by editing the server.xml file and rebooting the Yellowfin server.
If you are currently running on 443 it's likely it's configured this way for the use of SSL.
It's not possible to have a different port number for web services and http/https connection. They will both be running on the same port number.
For help changing the port number, see here.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Keep me posted.

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