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interactive in area chart


I'm trying to create an interactive report using area chart.
I defined 4 measures, but when I tick off 2 measures (trying to show only 2) I get and Error picture with no error explanation.

if I don't use the interactive and just show 2 measures together on the area chart, it does work.

I use YF7.1 july 2015 ver.

Thank in advance!
Hi Tal,

That sounds odd! I'd be happy to help you out.

Can you please provide me with some screenshots?
Please send through screenshots of the following:
- "Data" tab when editing the report
- "Chart" tab when editing the report
- The finished report when NOT editing

If possible please run the report to cause the error, shut down yellow fin, then attach the log file to your post. (That way if there is an error its at the bottom of the log, the log I'm after is appserver/logs/yellowfin.log)

I'll subscribe to this thread so I get a notification once you reply, that way I can help you out as quickly as possible.

Keep me posted Tal.

Hi Cadell,

Thanks for your answer!
I'm attaching screen shots and the log as you requested-

"Data" tab when editing the report-
Forum image

"Chart" tab when editing the report-
Forum image

The finished report when NOT editing- before changing data presented-

Forum image

after I chose 2 of the 4 series-

Forum image

the warning we get is-" YF:2015-08-30 02:16:59: WARN (ReportResultBean:renderChart) - Error generating chart: java.lang.NullPointerException"
(attached log at the end of the log.

It is important to say that if I chose in the "chart" tab to show those 2 only- it works perfectly well!

Thanks in advance!
Hi Tal,

Thanks for the update.

Can you please replicate this error again, shutdown your Yellowfin server, then email me the yellowfin.log file (This way the error will be right at the bottom).
After you have done this you can restart Yellowfin.

You can send the log file to and reference this thread in your email.

The NullPointer error should hopefully give us some more info once we get your log.

Keep me posted.

Kind Regards,

It is a problem to shut down the system because their are active users in the system at all times.

I am adding a screen shot of the error -

Forum image

please help,