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integration of yellowfin in ruby on rails and also create the user through soap

Hello Yellowfins,

I want to create the user in admin console through web services in ruby on rails.
I searched your whole site and forum but not get helpful sources which is used for creating users through web services.

But on your site I saw "integrating Ydfdellowfin into third-party applications is easy with Webservices. Offered as SOAP services, Yellowfin Webservices enable integration with any programming language that supports the generation of functional stubs of WSDL. With our Webservices, you can control and manipulate groups and users or run reports remotely.

Than I use the SOAP concepts for that I use the Savon gem and process as below.

client =Savon.client(wsdl: "http://localhost:8081/services/AdministrationService?wsdl")
response =, :message => { userName: "PUNIT", password: "12345689", tableName: "person", columnName: "dfd",fieldCategoryName: "data_value" })

but in the response I have get lot of things but how to execute it please describe me.

Hello Guest!

Unfortunately we don't have any examples for Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails has not been used a whole lot by our clients.

We have a list of all the web service calls available here:
The examples are in Java, however the calls listed are supported cross language - you should be able to make those calls using whatever language you like.

On top of that, you may be able to get a library for Ruby on Rails that would convert our web services WSDL XML file into a usable library for your code. This is something you'd need to do a bit of digging on, however you can find our WSDL XML file by visiting the following URL on your Yellowfin server:
Where is your Yellowfin server address.

Judging by your post it seems you are already making use of the WSDL, however I'm not sure if you are experiencing issue with the reply.
Can you please let me know exactly what it is that is causing your issue and what you are seeing and I'll try to better assist.

All the best,