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Integrating a Custom Login page with Yellowfin, with Custom Authentication

We are trying to integrate custom authentication and authorisation for users which log in to Yellowfin. Following are the steps we followed to enable custom login in Yellowfin. Please suggest if you see any issues with the current approach.

1. User logs-in into custom login page
2. Custom authentication and authorization API�s are invoked for validating the user and determining his Role/privileges [User Authentication & Authorization]
3. If this is the first time a user is logging in, and it�s a valid user, we add him to Yellowfin using addUser API [User synchronisation]
4. Enable single sign on by invoking the loginNoPassword API, which generates a unique session Id for the user [Single Sign on]
5. The user is redirected to Yellowfin logon URL with session token, which skips Yellowfin authentication and starts the user�s session [URL Redirection]

Attached document describes in brief of how we have implemented it currently.

Client side custom login :

Would really appreciate any help on this. Thanks!
Hi Guest,

Apologizes for the long delay on this one. Upon review of your outline, there are no glaring issues
to your process. Have you been able to test this in a dev environment?

And, just in case you haven't reviewed the latest Wiki page
that reviews SSO, I have attached it for your review.

Please let us know if there is anything else that you need regarding this topic and we will attempt to assist you in a more timely manner.