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How to understand log errors


alot of our errors and worning in the log are very vage and does not refer to a spesific field/view/report/dashboard what makes it almost impossible to try and solve the issues.

we are getting error like-
Exception selecting data from database
*Error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Timestamp format must be *yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss.fffffffff
*Failed to parse conditional index or field ID

is there a way to understand better the logs information?

Hi Tal,

Thank you for posting this on the Forum. This is a tough one as every clients 'common errors' are going to be a bit different
based on how they use Yellowfin. With most errors, there could be a number of causes, so almost every case requires some level
of trouble-shooting to narrow down the cause.

So, unfortunately there is no magical list of common errors and fixes. Errors shown in the browser/logs come from, db, dbdriver, java, browser, etc.

This Forum post outlines the different log files within YF for your reference.

I will also send you a separate email that contains other links to the more common errors.

In regards to the error that you referenced, this appears to be related how your data is formatted in your db and the driver not being able query it. A quick search of google brings up many returns. I've linked a few below.

Timestamp Format

Stack Overflow

If you would like us to do a more in depth investigation into that particular error, go ahead and have Rami send it in through our support email channel and include the system information and the YF log files that captured the error.

Thank you,