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How to sort MONTH filter in Month Order


I am using "Month Name" from "Calculated Fields" option -> "Date Hierarchy" on column a DATE in my FY view.
So when i am using this 'Month Name' as a filter in report. How can i sort month names in order of Months like January, February, March..
while right now in filter, month name comes in ascending order like April,August,December,Feburary...

See the attached screen shot(monthFilter01).
Forum image

Even though i wrote a costume query to get months in order and there i get correctly but in filter month name sort in ascending order by itself.
See the screen shot(monthfilter)
Forum image

More details: I am using yellowfin version :
Application Version: 6.2
Build: 20130124
Java Version: 1.7.0_21

Please give me some solution. Its very much important for me to sort month names in order of Months.
Hello Guest,

Unfortunately the version of YF you are using in no longer supported. You will need to upgrade your version to 6.3 or newer. In the meantime, I did find another forum post that may help you with your current issue.

Sort Month

Thank you,


Thanks Kyle, It works for me.I followed the same steps as given in the link you shared.