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How to reset Yellowfin password on LINUX (AWS)

The following guide will help you to reset your Yellowfin admin password on Linux and AWS. This will require you to log in via SSH to your Linux instance.

1. Log into your Linux Yellowfin server.

2. Navigate to your Yellowfin installation using the following code:
[code]cd /opt/yellowfin/[/code]

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3. Copy the password reset file out of ./development/examples into your web root using the following code:
[code]sudo cp development/examples/ResetAdmin.jsp appserver/webapps/ROOT/.[/code]

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4. Using your web browser, navigate to your Yellowfin server /ResetAdmin.jsp. EG: Here you can reset your password.

5. Enter your Yellowfin username/email address and create a new password. Hit Submit Query.

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6. IMPORTANT: Ensure you delete the ResetAdmin.jsp file! Otherwise you are leaving your instance vulnerable.
[code]sudo rm appserver/webapps/ROOT/ResetAdmin.jsp[/code]

7. Check you have deleted ResetAdmin.jsp by navigating to it in a web browser again.

8. You can now log into your Yellowfin instance using the new password you created.