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how to pass query filter value from .Net application

Please some one guide me, how should I pass SalesId and CustomerId from .Net application to Yellowfin View (sql query) ?? Thx.
Please this is very very urgent Thx.
Hi Guest,

Thanks for the post.

To get your data from an application into Yellowfin you must connect Yellowfin to your applications database or a warehouse database that has a copy of your applications data.

You can add a new data source (database connection) by going to "Admin" > "Admin Console" > "Data Source" > "Add". You will then need to select the correct database type (this is unique to your application) and fill out the credentials (again this is unique to your application).

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For help getting your data source all hooked up please see here:
and here:

If you have any questions or concerns - please let me know, I'd be happy to help out.

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After you have hooked up your data source, you will then need to create a "view" for that data source.

You can add views under "Administration" > "Admin Console" > "Views" > "Add".
For help creating a new view please see here:

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Let me know how you go with all this.

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No. I have connected YellowFin and .Net Application with help of webservices. It works fine. My question is, i need to pass a value (SalesId) from .net Application to Yellowfin. so in the yellowFin view, i need to use the SalesId as part of where condition. how can i implement this. thx.
Lets say, there is a view in yellowfin , Select * from Sales where SalesId = '000001'

so i need to pass '000001' value from .net Application. how is it possible? thx.
Hi Guest,

Ahh - Sorry for the confusion. I understand now.

I have a couple more questions before we can continue.
- How have you integrated with the Web service. Are you using SSO to allow your users to log into a re-branded version of Yellowfin or are you using the Web service via XML requests and processing the result on your own page.
- Are you able to send me an example of the report requests you are using?
- Any additional info about your particular environment.

There certainly is a few ways to pass the filter value so we need more info before I can provide you with an answer sorry.

I've subscribed to this thread so I will get a notification as soon as you reply - that way I can help you as fast as possible.

Keep me posted.

Kind Regards,