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How to aggregate in the output report?

Hi Experts,

In the input metrics report, Total_POS is aggregated but in the output metrics report the following rows sum Total_POS, Auto_Match, ZID_Unassigned, Dis_Qualified_Records are not aggregated. Expected result is to aggregate the above mentioned rows, which helps us to verify the match rate according to month & year. Please find the attached file for reference. Kindly, help me on this report.

Let me know if anything is required.

Thanks & Regards,
Devi Prasad

Hi Devi,

First, I just wanted to apologize that you haven't received a response to your question as of yet. We are doing some forum cleanup and it appears that this post has slipped through the cracks.

Is this still an ongoing issue for you?

If so, I think the reason your rows are not aggregating as expected is likely due to your date columns. I have a hunch that each year/month value is tied to a specific day date (01/01/2015) vs. a month name (January) or Year value (2015).

A quick way to test this would be to remove those date fields from your report... Do your other rows aggregate as expected?

If they do, your best bet would be to add a date look up table to your view, join the table to your date field, and build your report using VARCHAR Month/Year fields instead of specific dates formatted as Month/Year.

Here is a forum post outlining this process in greater detail--can you take a look and see if this helps?

Using Date Time for Reporting

Please let us know how it goes.

Kind Regards,