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How much the large number of client organizations will load the system?

We are using version 7.1 Currently we have a few client organizations, about 20 default dashboards and about 5-10 specific client dashboards for each org. But actually each client has a own requirements to dashboards what make to use a default dashboards for all clients not too comfortable. We are planning to have about 100 different client organization and about 20 specific client dashboards for each organization. We are not going to have the default dashboards. The question is, will Yellowfin work so quickly as now or too many specific client dashboards and daily process of refresh of filters will load the system too much? We worry about stability of the system. Has somebody some experience on that? Thank you.

Hello Tina,

We definitely have some customers that are using 100's of client organizations in their setup. How this will affect the performance of your system, if any, is hard to answer because we don't know all the specifics of your environment or the details of your reports, dashboards, etc.

I've included the link to our Wiki that talks about Client Organisations for your review.

I have also attached our performance and architecture guide for your review.

Please let me know if you need any further details on this query and I will attempt to assist you.

Thank you,