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How does concurrent licensing work?

Does it works this way:
We can create Unlimited Number of Users regardless of the roles they have (admin/writer/consumer/dashboard user).

It depends only on the concurrent users logged in to Yellowfin at the same time.

Concurrent licencing just allows how many users can be logged in to Yellowfin at one time, using the SAME user role.
E.g. 3 writers can be logged in at one time.

When we create the licence, we allocate the number of Readers/Writers that will be allowed to use Yellowfin.
You can have as many Readers/Writers you want, as long as your licence permits this.

There are 3 Concurrency modes for a licence:
DISABLED - No concurrency is applied.
ALL - Concurrency affects all users
READERS ONLY - Concurrency affects only users flagged as a 'reader'.
This will not effect writers or admin users.
NAMED - Concurrency affects all users, but users flagged as a 'named', are not counted towards the number of concurrent users (they can always log in).

Technically there are only 2 types of users in Yellowfin.
Readers & Writers. An admin user is just a writer account with more permissions.

More information on licencing can be found here : understanding the licence details page