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How do I disable “Inherit styling options defined in Administration”?


I'm after some help in disabling "Inherit styling options defined in Administration" from the Report Formatting settings. Each report built may have a different style so this needs to be configurable.
We have multiple client organisations in one Yellowfin instance so I'm hoping this change can be made in the Default org which will then propagate to the client orgs.

I have attached a screenshot just so you can see exactly what I'm talking about.


Forum image
The issue was caused by an incorrectly spelt JavaScript file. "ColourPicker.js" was initially "colourpicker.js" which caused this to break. After correcting the file name the option to choose custom styling options appeared.
Hi Mike,

I saw that you had been working with Danny on the other issue you referenced above. Thank you for taking the time
to update this post as well, very much appreciated.