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How can I organize user’s dashboard panel?


Sorry, but my previous post with the same name was accidentally flagged as "answered". I could not turn back. Actually I have no answer yet. This new topic created for confidence that you do not miss it.

I would like to repeat my last comment.

Hi Kyle,

Thank you for your response.

- "You state that your managers (Admins) have access to both Client Org's and to all default dashboards - is this a requirement?? If so, there really is no way to prevent these same managers (Admins) from seeing the default dashboards of other client org's. Does this make sense?" -

"The only way to avoid this would be to create these users/managers in the specific client org that is relevant to them. E.g. Manager A is associated with Client Org Airport User then Manager A should be created within that Client Org only."

- My thoughts were the same but this is no way for as to have manager for each client org's. As I understand right in this case for each manager's account in YF we need to have additional license. What if we will have 500 client org's? Should be a way when we could like to use some functionality (as a folder) which can allows as to keep one set of dashboard tabs for one client org, another set of dashboards for other client org.. It should work like a security settings for user's. For example when we create User group in YF we can to add some set of dashboard tab for this group of user's (see please screen shot) Why we cant to have something like this for Client org's or Group of Client org's (for example Airport users and Retail users)?

"Lastly, have you and your team considered upgrading your build of 7.1? You are presently 8 patches behind and are not taking advantage of 100's of implemented enhancement features and many product defect fixes."

- We upgraded the our internal YF, but unfortunately the external (clients) YF has no last build yet. Cause it we have own style (Org logo) there and it is not so easy to make update. As wishes, could we have the list of changes or description new features with a last version of updating? It will give to as better understanding how urgently need we have this upgrade.

Thank you.

Hi Tina,

No worries, we didn't missy your last post on the original forum. I really doesn't matter if you put 'answered' or 'comment' as we will always get them.

Thank you,