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How can I manage to redirect the logon page on my customized logon page for yellowfin when the session already expired

For single logon, how can I manage to redirect the logon page on my customized logon page for yellowfin when the session already expired ?

At the moment when a session expired it is redirect to YellowFin logon page.

You should be able to redirect to your custom page via Administration > Configuration.

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Please let me know if this doesn't give you the results you were after.

Hi David,

We are looking to redirect Yellowfin to a custom page upon time out as well.

I used the suggestion above and set up a custom timeout URL. However, the page still redirects to the Yellowfin login page and not to the custom page that I had set.

Can you please help us with this issue?


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Hi Support Team,

Any update on this?

Hi Ragavendran,

There is no way to have a special url that YF goes to when you timeout/logout.
When your session is killed, you need to log back in, so you will need to get back to the index login page.

However, if you're using single sign on, then your index page, should actually be your custom login page, which you are then single-signing-on your users into Yellowfin.

So this means, your Yellowfin login page, should be your application login page, that passes the user credentials to Yellowfin.
When you time out, you get kicked out to this page.

I hope this makes sense.


Hi David,

I find contradictions in the way this feature is described in this post, so let me try to explain how we have tried to use this feature.

Yellowfin index/login page
We have done some rudimentary customizations on this page to match the look and feel of our application as much as possible. Our intent is to never use this login page since we aim to SSO our users from our own application.

Singe Sign On
We are using web service calls to SSO our users from our own application into Yellowfin.

How do users access Yellowfin?

1) Users login to our application
2) For users who have the permission to access Yellowfin, we display a link to the Yellowfin instance on the home page
3) When the user clicks on the link, we SSO this user into the appropriate client organization.

Setting up Popup Timeout URL
To handle session timeouts, we have set the 'Popup Timeout URL' to the login page of our application.

Expected Behavior
When a SSOed user's session times out in Yellowfin, then Yellowfin would redirect the user to the URL set in the 'Popup Timeout URL'. The user would relogin to our application, click on the Yellowfin link to be SSOed into Yellowfin.

Actual Behavior
When the session times out, the user is kicked out to the 'index.jsp' page (the Yellowfin login page) and not the URL specified in 'Popup Timeout URL'.

Can you please provide us more clarity surrounding this feature?

If you require more information, please let us know.

Hi Ragavendran,

Yes we can understand why this pop-up timeout page is a little misleading.

This is how you need to do what you were after;

- Create your own login page, and ensure this is stored in the Yellowfin ROOT directory. This means when the session times out, it goes to this page.
- In your custom page, put a re-direction back your application. This means Yellowfin will go the login page, and then redirect to your application, without actually showing the YF login page.
-The login page can be set in the web.xml or the DB under the configuration 'Logon Page' code.

The Timeout pop-up page, is really just a timeout box that appears when your session times out. It's not a redirect to the login page . Just a message to say your session has timed out.

I hope this clears everything up.


Hi David,

Thanks for the detailed response. I understand the feature better now.

Currently, we create separate instances of our application for each of our customers. This means that the login URL to our application for each customer varies.

To separate our customers' data from one another, we create one client organization per customer and manage their content within individual client organizations.

So, here's the end-to-end workflow:

1) Users logon to our application using the customer specific URL.
2) A link within the application provides them access to Yellowfin. Clicking on the link SSOs them directly into the corresponding client organization within Yellowfin.

It gets real tricky when it comes to session time-outs/logouts. Depending on what client organization a user is in, we want to redirect them to the corresponding application login (since each customer has their own application URL).

We were hoping that Yellowfin allows client org specific redirects. But your response above suggests that the page redirect is possible only at the Yellowfin instance level.

Is there any way to achieve client org specific page redirections in Yellowfin?

Hi Ragavendran,

Glad it helped.

From what I understand, if your app is storing session cookies , then when you get re-directed back to your app, the cookie will store the relevant org for that user.
So when they then log into Yellowfin (I guess it's just your reporting module), it knows which org to use.

As you can see, none of this is done within Yellowfin, but actually within your code.

Hope this makes sense.