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Hide header and logoff


We are trying to hide the header and the logoff button when we connect to yellowfin by SSO.

The thing is that it seems that when the user has more than one organization, first goes to the page where he choose it. Here we can see the logout button, and after selecting the organization and going to the next page the header and logoof button are shown normally (and they should be hidden).

This don't happen if the user don't need to choose the organization when he opens the page, and goes directly to the main page.

The url used to open yellowfin with no header nor logoff button is this one:

Hi Guest,

Thanks for the question and apologies for the delayed response!

If you would like to suppress the header and log off buttons within Yellowfin for users logging into client orgs the best suggestion I can offer would be to specify which client org your customer is logging into within your HTTP string. For example:


This will log the user directly into your client org and the headers/log off buttons will be suppressed.

Could you let me know if this solution will work in your case? I look forward to hearing back.

Kind Regards,