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Graphics/Images in Filters

Okay, I have looked at almost every youtube video and read many of the posts on here and I can not figure out something I saw in one of the videos.

At one point in the standard 7.1 video about Dashboards, when the person in the video clicked on the slide out filter bar and went to 'Demographics' the filter values had graphics/icons next to them.

So several questions:

How is this done? Through the view somehow?

Can the graphics be sources dynamically or are they hard coded. In my example the Filter value will be several IT services that someone will want to filter the dashboard on. If I can only have a static graphic I will take it.

In a perfect world I would love to have it source the graphic on load in real time so I could on the back end have the graphic in a Red/Yellow/Green state so the user when they see the filters will already know the state of the IT Service.

I know that Yellowfin will not be able to do this color coding so I am thinking I would write a script where I replace the source graphic with real time graphic.

Forum image

Forum image
Leave it to me - I post this and find the answer. Org Reference Codes ... Now to study up on that ability.

Nice work on solving your issue. Here is relevant Wiki link for further information.

Org Ref Codes

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Hi Kyle - is there anything on what the optimal size/resolution of the graphic should be. I uploaded a few and they are blending over into the text and I did not see anything on the Wiki page

Unfortunately there is no supporting documentation that covers what you are after,
optimal size/resolution of images. You will need to do a bit of experimenting
to see what renders the best.

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