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Gantt Chart

Are Gantt charts going to be added as an option within Yellowfin? I've seen threads from 2-3 years about possibly adding them to YF 6.3 - but we're currently on 7.1 and there are still not included.

The utility and value of Gantt charts is so high; and there's nothing else that fits the bill when a Gantt chart is required.
Good Afternoon Peter

Hope you are well,

I am sorry to advise that at this moment in time there is no plan to put the Gantt charts in to Yellowfin. There is an enhancement request in place but this has not made it to the Dev teams table.

You can use DashXML if you are able to find an open source report that you can then add to the XML file.

Sorry this is not the information you are looking for.

If you do have any further questions please feel free to contact us.


Unfortunately DashXML is not a viable solution for us for various reasons.

Is there any possibility of allowing additional sources for chart types within Yellowfin?
Hi Peter,

In the version of Yellowfin you are currently using you can use the box and whiskers report, which is the closes report to a Gantt report.

I will speak to the Dev team to find out if there is anything on the table to allow third party reports to be used in future releases but I can not guarantee when and if this will be done.