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Freehand SQL question

I am trying to create a virtual table where I pull a list of values from one table to replace the values in a set of records.

This was the SQL code provided but I cant use it in the freehand SQL windows in Yellowfin.

[size="12">select CUSTCLASS,* from SDP_CUSTOMER
select * from FW_CO_DROPDOWN where COLNAME like '%Customer Class%' order by COLNAME

select top 10 CUSTINDUSTRY,* from SDP_CUSTOMER
select * from FW_CO_DROPDOWN where COLNAME like '%Industry Type%' order by COLNAME

The SDP customer table contains a column CUSTCLASS, the FW_CO_DROPDOWN contains a column with a correponding value to the custclass and industry type. How do I change this code so that I can create a virtual table that can serves as a reference. I would like to pull all values not just top 10.

Thank you in advance.
Hi There,

Can you clarify what you are trying to do exactly? Are you trying to join all four of these select queries into 1 query to create a single virtual table or are these select statements meant to be separate from one another?

Also, have you tried running this SQL against your back end database? Yellowfin just passes SQL commands to the database that the view is built on. I think you will find that the problem lies with the SQL itself and not Yellowfin's handling of it.

Do you think you could send us a screenshot of how you are building your virtual table so that we can see exactly what you are trying to do?

Thanks a bunch in advance for the additional information, and I hope that we can help you find a solution soon!

Kind Regards,