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Formatting a Trellis Report


I have created a Trellis report and cannot format the margin between the two charts which is causing an overlap in the x axis labels. Please see attached screenshot for an example.

Can you please explain how I can change the margin between these charts to ensure the labels are not overlapping

Hi Brad,

Can you confirm that this overlap is also occurring on the output page? Does dragging the report from
the right lower hand corner do anything to alleviate this overlap? Which browser are you using and have
you tested in a different one?

I've tested this in the latest build of 7.1, using Chrome and am unable to reproduce the overlap that you
are experiencing.

Forum image

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle,

Thanks for your reply.

In response to your questions:
1) Yes the overlap does occur on the output page
2) Yes the overlap still occurs when resizing the report
3) I have tested this on all browsers and it still occurs regardless of which browser I use
4) System Information
Application Version: 7.1
Build: 20150717
Java Version: 1.8.0_45
Operating System: Windows Server 2012 6.2 (amd64)

I have been able to reproduce this issue using the following guidelines:
1) use larger counts such as 30,000 (my count is 30,179)
2) ensure that the count of 30,179 is on the left hand side of the trellis chart and that there are no items larger than this
3) have another few values on the column chart less than 30,000 on each trellis
4) you should notice that an overlap appears between the 30K marker on the left trellis and the 0 marker on the right trellis

Let me know how you go reproducing this issue

Hi Brad,

We are still having difficulties in replicating this issue! Interestingly enough, we just received another support
request that appears to deal with the same issue that you have pointed out.

In that one, we have requested some screenshots so we can confirm this issue. Obviously we are
hoping that we can garner some additional information from this new case that will help us with yours.

Thank you again for your patience while we work through this one.