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Filter scroll bar on ipad


I have created a dashboard with multiple reports on a dashboard which requires the user to scroll up and down to see the entire content of the dashboard. I also have filters, using the left side navigation, in which one of the filter requires scrolling to see and select filters. When using an ipad and trying to select a filter value using the scroll, it scrolls the screen behind the filter instead of the filter itself.

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Can you please advise if this is functionality as intended or a product defect?

Hi Brad,

We presently have a Product Defect # 196830 lodged, regarding scroll issues with the left-side navigation bar in YF 7.1. This Defect is in the process of being reviewed and corrected for a future build.

Any questions on this, please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Hi Brad,

Just letting you know that this issue has since been fixed in 7.2.

I will be chatting to the dev team on whether the same fix can be applied to 7.1, but I do know that the HTML is written very differently in 7.2, so it may not be possible to back-port the fix.

I will let you know once we have an update on this.