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Exporting co-display reports to PDF

Hi Support,

I have a report with several co-display reports. I basically want to export this report to PDF with reports shown in two pages. However, in Yellowfin, I only have two options - either to put a page break after each co-display report or not.

I do not want a page break after each report but I do not want every co-display report to be displayed on one page either.

Is there a solution for this please?

Thank you.
Hello Guest,

It sounds like what you are asking is to customize the layout of your PDF Export. E.g. the ability to specifically place reports and co-display reports on select pages.

Unfortunately this option isn't possible. The only other thing you can experiment with is choosing different 'Page Sizes' to see if one of them gets you closer to what you are after.

Sorry that I didn't have better news for you.