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Export to CSV is excluding from Export list and Section Summary section is missing in column formatting settings


Can you please let me know in which case "Export to CSV" option is excluded from Export list in report. and I cant see the "Summary" section in "Column Formatting" settings. In which case "Summary" Section will not visible in "Column Formatting" settings.

Actually I am trying to make the changes in existing report(6.3+ or 7.0) to newer version(7.1). I faced above mentioned 2 problems while editing the report. Can you please advise me on this one.

Thanks & Regards
Hi Jhansi,

Can you let us know which build of YF 7.1 you are using?

For your 'Export to CSV' question can you check that your role permission allows this?

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For the 'Summary' section not showing up, can you provide some screenshot of your report/field/column? Is this only happening with certain reports? Do you have reports that you can actually see this option?

Thank you,