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Export Google Maps to PDF


Just wondering if exporting a Google Map to PDF is supposed to work. While the options exist for exporting to PDF, nothing is rendered on the actual PDF itself so the report is in essence blank. I tried with the heat map and sure enough it worked. Am I missing something?


Hello Jason,

At this time, Google Maps cannot be exported to PDF, despite an option being available within YF to do so. An existing Enhancement Request (#123615) to add this functionality was lodged some time ago, however at this time it still has not reached the Development planning table for review and implementation. GIS Maps will export to PDF correctly.

Any other questions or issues, please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Hi ,

Can you guide me how can i connect Excel to the Yellowfin 7.1 (i.e) Excel as a Data source
Good Morning,

Currently , we do not support directly connecting to an excel spreadsheet as a data source.
Even though you have made a ODBC connection to the spreadsheet, this cannot be handled correctly in Yellowfin.

You will only be able to create a report based of the spreadsheet specified during the report creation.
The data source you specify during the creation is only used to store the results from the spreadsheet so it can be easily referenced when you run the report.

You can also upload a new spreadsheet (as long as it has the same table structure) to append results, or overwrite.


Any updates on when YF will be able to create PDF from Google Maps? Our customers are asking for this feature.
Any updates? Our customers keep complaining about this. Where is this feature in your roadmap?

Hi Gadi,

Unfortunately google maps cannot be exported to PDF.
It's a known limitation and was recently discussed with the dev team.

It seems it could be possible using static maps displaying an extremely small data set (e.g. a single point), so not something terribly useful for the majority of people, so the amount of work needed to do this is just not feasible.

Until google supports printing from the google api it's not something that Yellowfin can support.
More info on this can be found here:

Sorry for the bad news on this, but our hands are tied.