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Excel Export Column Widths


Is is possible to control the widths of the columns in exported excel documents? Currently it appears as though the widths aren't predictable and we've got instances where narrow columns are really wide and wide columns are quite narrow.

It's fixable in Excel by reformatting all the columns at once, just a bit of an annoyance.

An enhancement request has already been raised for this (Task ID = 121699), although it won't be implemented for the next release (6.3) as that has already been finalised. Later in the year there will be a meeting about 6.4 which is where I'll try and get this one in.

It may interest you to know that there is a very quick way to autofit the column widths, all you have to do is click the top left cell of the spreadsheet (this selects all data), then double-click the border between the 1st and 2nd columns on the 1st row (this adjusts all column widths automatically).


Has this issue been resolved(Task ID=121699)?

Is there a way I can monitor progress of a Task?

I would also like to know if Task ID=121699 has been resolved, or at least is on the roadmap for a future release?

We are fielding questions about this from clients, who consider it a fairly significant issue.

Hello Matthew,

Sorry to report that Enhancement Request # 121699 still hasn't made it to the Development planning table as yet. You're more than welcome to get in touch with your YF Account Manager to discuss this Enhancement.

Kind Regards,