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Drill through to second report using sub query filters


I have created a report which shows ageing analysis as shown in the image. I have used append sub query to set the date filter for my sub queries. Column 'Due this month' drills to the second report using the user specified date range as it is the filter for my master query. Now I want to drill through by clicking on any of the dollar amount with that specific date range of +30 days and so on for my other columns. The drill through report is only allowing me to link through the master query filter and not showing the sub query filter for linking. Is there a way to do this or a way around this problem? I really want it to drill through using the dynamic date range from my sub queries as well.


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Unfortunately drilling from filters to filters is only supported on the master query currently.
However, you can achieve a similar result by actually creating multiple 'child' reports with hard-coded filters.


One of your child reports '+30 days' would have a date filter that is
'current date + 30 days' , as a hardcoded value.
Another child report'Last year' could have a date filter 'current date - 1 year' that is hardcoded.

Now in your parent report, your subquery 1 (+30 days) would have the dollar amount as the hyperlink.
So that when you click on this amount, it goes to the child report '+30 days' etc..

I hope this method works for you and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with this.

Hello David,

Thank you for this solution. I already figured this out but was wondering if there was a better solution as I had to create 6 similar child reports for a single dashboard. In future may be you wanna include a feature where we can drill through using sub query filters just to make the work easier.