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Drill through to same report


We have a recursive organisational structure defined in our data using ParentID and ChildID.

We want to create a report with a Drill Through report to itself.

We've been working with this guidance ( but in the join properties on the related reports page the only option we have is a Conditional Direct Link. And this only gives us the ability to manually enter possible child values.

We need it to start at the top level of the org structure and click on a child that then becomes the parent ID in the Drill Through report.

This is in a client org set up of YF and this report is being written at the client org level not the parent org level.

Can you help with this rather urgent request?

Many thanks.
Hi Chris,

The Wiki link that you referenced is from version 6.0, so I've linked in the most recent Wiki that includes more detailed information about setting up drill through reports.

Note: If you wish to have a drill through report, the child must have at least one user prompt filter, and the same data must exist on the parent report. For example - the filter is based on Last Name, so you must have the Last Name field on your report. If you don't have this, you won't see 'drill-through' link on the related reports page.

Once you reviewed this please let us know if you have additional questions.

Thank you,