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Drill Through on iPad/Mobile


When trying to use the web portal on an iPad or a mobile, it works fine except for the drill through's. They do not appear as a popup or as a refresh of the page. The 'blue' text appears as if you can use it but when pressing it, nothing happens.
Hi There,

I'm sorry to hear you are running into troubles using drilling through on the IPAD/Mobile.

I just tested this using the most recent Yellowfin build 20150624 and drill through functioned as expected.

Do you think that you could elaborate on your problem a bit more? I noticed you stated 'Web Portal', does this mean you are accessing Yellowfin from your IPAD/mobile through an internet browser instead of through the Yellowfin App?

Also, which version of Yellowfin are you using? This information can be found by logging into Yellowfin in a traditional browser and navigating to Administration > Admin Console > System Information. The version of Yellowfin is listed next to Application Version.

Any clarification you can provide is greatly appreciated. Hope to hear back soon!



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The Yellowfin Support Team

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Hi there,

Yes we have been logging in through the web browser version rather than the app, as when we were using the app all of the reports would show, rather than our dashboard tabs. We were also told by DSCallards that they usually use the browser version on mobile devices, rather than the app.

The application version we are using is 7.1, build 20150624.