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Drill Down Heirarchy in Yellwofin


I have created a drill down hierarchy in charts, and as per my knowledge when i click on the first level of hierarchy (on charts)
it will go to the second level, and display the charts again,
but my requirement is when i click on the first level ( on chart)
instead of charts is there any way in Yellowfin to display a table in my second level?
Hi Prateek,

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately there isn't a way to change the style of a report as you drill down a drill hierarchy. This is because when you are drilling down you are never leaving the report, the data is simply changing.

However, you could accomplish what you are after using drill through instead of drill down.

In this scenario, you would create two reports, the parent report would be your report that contains your chart and top tier of your drill down hierarchy as seen below:

Forum image

Forum image

Then copy your parent report (to create a child report), but replace your top level drill hierarchy field with the second level field, remove the chart from the report, and add the top level hierarchy field as a user prompt filter:

Forum image

After the child report has been created, configure the drill through on the related reports tab of the parent report:

Forum image

And then save and test your report:

Forum image

Forum image

If you configured your drill through scenario correctly you should be able to navigate from your parent report chart to your child report table as if you were 'drilling down'.

Anyway, hopefully this information has been helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding any of this information. Have a great day!

Kind Regards,