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DL list in broadcast E-mail


i want to see distribution List (all the recipients) who are getting mail in to List of email which is i am getting.
Is this possible to see who all are getting broadcast email in the email to list.

Right now it only shows my name in to List and i do not know who all are getting these mails unless i check the schedule.see the screen shot.

Forum image

Please give me a solution.

Mansi Sharma.
Hi Mansi,

Thanks for the post.

Currently the system works by sending the emails individually. There is no way to see all the people it was sent to in the "to" field.
What I could recommend is that in the body of the email that is sent, you include details about who the email was sent to.

You could just include a line such as:
"This was sent to John and Mary"
Obviously this would have to be done manually for each report.

Kind Regards,