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Default DB suggestion for Production Environment


We've created YF 7.1 instance using the YF AMI on AWS marketplace.

Based on our observation, by default inbuilt Database is showing up as MySQL / PostgreSQL based on my instance(as per WEB.xml in the Root directory of the Installation)

We assume these inbuilt Database are used for internal storage of YF generated objects/metadata.

My Question is, are these inbuilt default Databases good enough for production environments?


Hi Prateek,

You are correct, the MySQL/PostgreSQL databases are used to store the Yellowfin configuration database. Both commonly used in production environments (many of our clients use these databases).

The only database that we tend to push people away as it pertains to production environments is HSQL....

Hopefully this is the information you are looking for. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



Best regards,

The Yellowfin Support Team

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