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Date Part formatter, Not available

I have a timestamp field originating from MS SQL. The field is called "Purchase Date". I would like to build a date hierarchy on it. I have manage to "build the month" aspect, however, I would like to make it a mmmm, yy format so that we can differentiate data from previous years. This I believe an be done only with the date part formatter however, it is not available? Is there a reason why this is happening?
Hi Effendi,

Thanks for the question. You would actually need to select another date hierarchy field like "Month Start Date" in order to format the field into MMMM yy format. The "Month" date hierarchy field returns an integer value rather than a date, and as a result cannot be formatted via the date part formatter.

The below wiki article outlines which calculated fields are returned as dates and which are returned as integers (to give you a better idea of which fields you should be building your hierarchies from):

Date Hierarchy

Hopefully this information helps. Please let me know otherwise. Have a great day!

Kind Regards,