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Date Parameter ‘In Between’ function – consider leap year

Hi Team,

My report will show the data based on last one year. For this having a 'Date' field as filter value in my report.
That filter value defined like Date between 'CurrentDate - 1year' and CurrentDate.

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If the particular year is leap year, then how the calculation will be?
Whether it will consider leap day also (ie: CurrentDate-366 days) or it will execute like CurrentDate-365 days?

Please let us know how its implemented in Yellowfin. Also please update us how we can consider leap year also when its come into calculation.

Hi Chandra,

Leap year is an interesting question. I'm assuming that the calculation accounts for leap year, but let me double check with my team and get an official response.

I hope to have an answer to you soon.



Best regards,

The Yellowfin Support Team

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Hi Dustin,

Is there any update on this?

Hi Chandrakumar,

Apologies for the delay on this forum post response.

When you apply filters as demonstrated in your previous post Yellowfin simply passes between filter syntax to the underlying database.

For example the following configuration setting:

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Is passed as the following SQL syntax:

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So really Yellowfin doesn't do anything 'special'... If a leap year date field falls in the filter range (i.e. 2015-02-29), it will simply be added to the result set.

Anyway, hopefully this clears up any confusion and apologies again for the delayed response. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind Regards,

HI Dustin,

Thanks for the update. I will check and let you know if I face any issue.