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Dashboard Security


I defined a role that can only create private reports and dashboards, and view public once.

in the report, if it is private there is a way to give other users permissions.

but when creating a report (that by default is private because of the role)
there is no Dashboard Security.

is there a configuration or specific role definition to allow the same ability of private reports to private dashboards?

Did anyone else has a similar problem?
Hi Tal,

Thanks for sending in the question and apologies for the delay in responding to this query.

Do you think that you could send in a couple screenshots showing how you have defined your role so I can recreate what you are describing on my end, and test out report creation/report access?

Thanks in advance for gathering the screenshots. I look forward to hearing back and helping find a solution.

Kind Regards,


Hi Dustin,

attached is screen shot of the role -

Forum image

Forum image

Forum image

and this screenshot is of dashboard I build under this role, as you can see I cannot give permissions because there is no lock tab to define the share permissions.

Forum image