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Custom Settings For Drill Through Popup window

Hi Team,

I am displaying a drill through report in a pop-up.
Clarification: Is there a settings to customize the pop-up window?

Below is my requirement:
1) Need to set the width and height for the pop-up window.
2) Need to display the drill through report at right side of the same page(like co-display report ) of the parent report. But that is not possible. Hence I have used the pop-up window option.

Now, Pop-up window is opening center of the page. Need a settings to set its position on right side of the parent report.

Please let us know your thoughts on this.

Note: My current yellowfin version is: version 7.1 May month build.

Hello Chandra,

Apologizes for the delay in responding to you on this query. There is currently an outstanding
enhancement request for this exact functionality - the ability to configure the pop-window, or
move it. The enhancement request ID# is 116006, for your records.

I have added your notes to the request but unfortunately I cannot provide an ETA on when
this might be looked at by our Dev team.

Have a great day!