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Cube List empty : XMLA OLAP connection to SQL Server 2018 R2

*** Please read the subject as SQL Server 2008 R2 ***

We are using Yellowfin 7.1 latest build 20160128 with valid license key.

As part of client implementation, we are trying to connect to an OLAP Cube built on SQL Server 2008 R2 instance (SSAS).

XMLA configuration has been successful and we are able to access and query the cube from SSAS trough http://localhost/OLAP/msmdpump.dll.

However when creating a DataSource with Yellowfin using XMLA OLAP method, test connection says "Connection Successful" with database and catalog correctly listed but none of the cubes built get listed. Error on the top of the DataSource connection page shows up as:

Oh no! An error occurred loading your details from the database. Please try again later.

There was an earlier post on similar issue where by changing the language from English (US) to English (Australia) worked. However in my case that trick hasn't helped.

Request your earliest response as we have encountered this issue as part of client implementation phase.

Screenshots, log files under /appserver/logs attached.


[img]DataSource screenshot 1 with error message[/img]
[img]DataSource screenshot 2 with empty cube listing[/img]
[img]Successful connection established in SSAS[/img]
Thanks to David for coordinating and getting this addressed.

With upgrade to ver 7.1 build 20160223, this problem is solved. It now doesn't matter if the JVM locale is set to en_IN(en).

Steps to be followed:
1. Upgrade to the latest build 20160223
2. Run the following SQL statement in the Yellowfin DB table:

INSERT into Configuration (IpOrg, ConfigTypeCode, ConfigCode, ConfigData)

3. Shutdown Yellowfin. Restart Tomcat server and login to Yellowfin.
4. If the OLAP connection under Data Sources is now tested, SSAS cubes will appear in the "Cubes:" section.

Screenshots attached for reference after following above steps.

Cheers, Kishore

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