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Crosstab Report – Sort Issue

I am using three dimensions & one metric in my cross tab report(Chart & Table). I also used column & row totals. Now i would like to sort the sum of my metric in ascending or descending order, however, am unable to achieve this using cross tab reports(Chart & Table). Please suggest a solution for this.

Unfortunately, due to how cross-tab reports are generated, this is not possible.
The data is returned from the DB , and then the report is generated into a cross-tab.
If you were to sort a metric the cross-tab would need to be regenerated again , as it will affect column/row order.

This is something that has been raised as an enhancement request (TASK ID =104128) though at this point in time, no confirmation can be given that it will be possible in a future release.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Hi David,

IS this issue fixed in Yellowfin 7?

Nope, unfortunately you are still unable to sort data in a cross-tab report.

Any update, this seems a big miss in the ability to make a report readable?

there is no further update with regards sorting data in a cross-tab report.

12 months since it was added to the dev backlog, and 8 months since last statement.

Is this still a dev item that is being considered?
Has there been any update on this as I'm unable to sort on a
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Hello Guest,

Unfortunately there is no movement on this enhancement request. I did add a note to the task indicating your interest. The enhancement request priority is also currently at HIGH.

Thank you,


Just reiterating again the interest in easily sorting when using cross-tab reports.
Hi all

I have found that Row and Column Total sorting is possible in a Cross-Tab report, however, only if you have a single Dimension value in the Row or Column that you want to sort.

That is, if you want to sort by Row (say in descending order), you can only have a single DIM in the row.

When you have only a single DIM, the following options appear under ROWS property of the table:

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(Not at all intuitive I grant you ... )
Hi Adam,

Thanks for the contribution and screenshot. :-)

You're right it's not particularly intuitive and we should certainly update our documentation.
I'll pass along your feedback.

Kind Regards,