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Creating independent Duplicate Dashboards from 2 different data source

Hi Yellowfin,

I have created more than 25 reports in from 1 connection (say CON_A) to a particular database (say DB_A).

I have taken copy of Views, Reports & Dashboards from (CON_A) & imported these to new connection (say CON_B to a particular database (say DB_B) which has exactly the same database views as DB_A).

But the problem is when I am trying to import that dashboard to CON_B reports are showing as incomplete filters.

Even filter values are not displaying in the filter fields.

As a temporary solution I have done manually report & view activation after that I have got output.

Please give me the proper suggestion for this.

Here I have attached Screenshot please check it out.

I am using Yellowfin 7.1 on AWS.

Kindly post your answer here or Email me (below I have mentioned Email ID).

Thank You,
Hi Shivagange,

I'm going to have to try and reproduce that issue over here, could you please tell me which build of 7.1 you are using (Admin Console->System Information), and also tell me more about the filters, are they view or report-level filters? are they cached or user prompt? are they custom queries? linked filters? do they have default values...etc. etc.

Obviously the more information you give me the better chance I'll have of being to replicate the issue.

Hi Dave,

I'm Shivagange's colleague;

Here're the details to reproduce the issue we're facing:

Source Build of YF 7.1 on AWS: 20140827
Target Build of YF 7.1 on AWS: 20150107

Filters used:
YES, both View and Report-level filters are used,
Cached YES,
Custom Queries YES,
Linked filters(connected filters) YES,
Default values YES(set up on View level and Report level).

Let us know if any further information is required.

Thank You,