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Configure yellowfin to create adhoc reports by default


is it possible to configure yellowfin so that when users create reports they are created as adhoc reports and therefore not automatically saved unless the user specifically saves the report?

Our system currently defaults to Regular Report and most users dont change this and so their reports are automatically saved and we now have hundreds of reports which arent required by anyone they have just been saved automatically.

I am also very interested in a solution for that because of the same reason Peter mentioned in bis post.

Kind regards,
Hi Peter and Sebastian,

At present, there isn't an option when selecting the Ad Hoc option in the user role, for report creation to default to Ad Hoc ( user prompted to save report before exiting , and cannot leave report in Draft state ).

However, I have added an Enhancement Request #197407 for this functionality to be reviewed and possibly added to a future YF release.

Any questions on this, please let me know.

Kind Regards,