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Co display in dashboard


I am trying to show 2 funnels one next to the other,
they are the same funnel but 2 different reports- one is with filters
and the other without.

I used co-display the reports to show both of them in one report.(pic attached)

Forum image

But I wish to show this co-display report in a dashboard without "splitting"
the 2 funnels to 2 reports on the dashboard.
when I put in the dashboard canvas the co-display report, it shows only one of the funnels...

Forum image

is there anyway to use the co-display?

Please, offer any solution- while using the canvas to show both is not an option (space and screen wise)
sorry wrong pics-

co display report-

Forum image

Hi Guest,

Thank you for posting your question on the forum. Unfortunately, the application does not allow co-display
reports to be placed inside a dashboard. There is an outstanding enhancement request (104472) for this functionality to considered in a future build of the product but at this time, there is not ETA on this request.

Please see this Forum post for additional details and possible solutions to your issue.

Thank you,