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Client Org Guide & Overview

Client Organisations allow you to set up a single installation of Yellowfin to be used by multiple separate organisation units.
Each of these units (known as Client Organisations) has its own set of data sources, views, reports and dashboards. Additionally, common data sources, views, reports and dashboard can be created at the top level, to be shared by all clients.

User access is flexible ? you can give a user access to log in to multiple clients if you wish.

One of the key features of Client Organisations is data separation.
If you have separate instances of a data warehouse for different clients, each with the same reporting schema, Yellowfin can be set up to automatically switch data sources based on the user that logs in, and you only need to define the views and reports once.

If all your clients? data is in a single database, Source/Access filters can be automatically applied to only show the data relevant to the current user.
The Client Orgs wiki page provides all information related to this feature. (see attached document)

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