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Changing Default Settings


Is there a possible way to change the default settings of font size, font colors, chart colors etc so that we don't need to change custom settings repeatedly?

Thank You,
Good Morning Prateek,

Hope you are well,

The easiest way to configure the settings you are looking to change is to go to the following location:

Administration > Admin Console > Contents Settings

From this location you are able to change the fonts, colours and chart colours by default.

If you do require any further assistance please feel free to contact us.


Hi Adam,

In "CONTENT SETTINGS" THE options are related to report title etc.

Our requirement is common Setting for all charts of a dashboard like x axis,y axis-Label font, Label size,Legend font size.

As of now we have to specify it for each chart individually.


Hi Prateek

There is an area in Content Settings to change the fonts of the axis, labels and legends. See attached image.
Does this cover the areas you were wanting to change?


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