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Change in Decimal Type in Different levels

We have a Column in our YF view Called �AC_TONNAGE� and its Data type is Decimal as shown below

Forum image

and its showing in Yellowfin view 1st level and when we drag this column in 2nd level of our view, its Reading as integer,

Forum image

is there any particular reason why Yellowfin is Reading it as integer? Even though it�s Data type is decimal.

Kindly help us if we are missing any settings.

Thanks and regards,

Prateek Arora
Hi Prateek,

Thanks for the question. This is indeed odd because when I test this with (MS SQL Server) my decimal data type comes through as a decimal:

Forum image

Forum image

I'm wondering, could you let us know which database and version/build of Yellowfin you are using? To check the build of Yellowfin you are using go to System Information under Administration > Admin Console > System Information. �The version of Yellowfin is listed next to Application Version.

I'd like to investigate this further using your environment details to see if I can replicate what you are experiencing.

Please let us know when you find a moment. I look forward to hearing back.

Kind Regards,

Hi Dustin,

Kindly below the details you have requested for,

DataBase :SAP HANA
Release :7.1
Current Code Version :20150922
Original Code Version :20150107
Current Schema Version :20130704
Current Session Count :3
Current Session Timeout :1800 seconds
Application Server Boot Time:January 13, 2016 4:07:52 AM UTC
Current Server Time :Wed Jan 13 06:52:43 UTC 2016 (Etc/UTC +0000)
Request Listener :Initialised
Request Count :1
Configuration Database :PostgreSQL 9.3.5
Encryption Functions :Ok
BIRT Report Engine :Not available

Thanks and regards,

Prateek Arora