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Change delimiter with CSV Export


at a customersite we want to use Yellowfin to deliver some information to their financial system (AccountView). A custom made import interface was developed, that can only handle ; as a separator and not a , like Yellowfin is using with CSV export.
Because using a , it also puts quotes around numbers, like "2,99".
This can't be handled by the import.

Any idea's how to change the CSV export so it uses a ; and skips the "?
Now we have to export to XLSX and have the end-user save it as CSV with ;, that is to tricky.

Hi Jurgen,

Unfortunately this functionality is currently not possible. It is something that we have on our list of implementation. Unfortunately there is no timeline for this though.

In the mean time I'd consider using a CSV converter or writing a macro in Excel that can modify your CSV for you until we implement this feature.

I apologize for the disappointment.

Kind Regards,