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Calculated Total in Report not showing

I've tried a bunch of different approaches to this, none of which are working.

My issue is I have a calculated field in a report using a simple formula "sum(value A) / sum(value B)". My understanding is using the "Calculated Total" summary on the column will apply this same formula to the totals/substotals.

But I get a blank at the bottom of the column? I can find a number of posts about calculated fields, some are working in previous releases, some are not. This is v6.2. What am I doing wrong?

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Hi Howie,

When using calculated totals, you will need to include all fields that are used in the formula in the report.

I can see you have already included 'Earned Revenue' though I do not see 'ServiceHours' . Can you please add this field to your report?

You can always hide the column via the column drop-down menu, so you won't actually see it.

Please let me know how you go.


Adding the field Service Hours does produce the correct calculated result.

However, this presents a larger problem for my end users. Many of the fields in my view are calculated fields (sheltering the end user from the complexity of the formula). If the cord fields for each formula are required to be in the report as a column in order to use the calculated summary function, this introduces a lot of complexity into the report creation process.

Any chance "calculated" fields from the view can be treated in the same way as the raw columns for this function?

Hi Howie,

In fact there already is a support task from another client for that request, its task ID is 105068, however, we haven't been able to work out a way of implementing it, so it has been categorised as an Unplanned Task until such a time when a solution has been found.


Hi David,
I have the same issue, although I'm using both the fields that are in the calculation, I can't get the calculated total to show up.

I'm using Version 7.

If you need the specific example, please let me know, or if you want me to start a new thread, please let me know.

Hi Pradeep,

sorry for the delay, I think we missed this question because it wasn't in its own forum post. Could you please give us the specific example and screenshots and yes, please start a new thread, that'd be great.